Friend Club Records

Music should be something you can hold.

Listening to music on your phone is so passive. It lacks object permanence. It lacks an artistic, free spirit. (I mean, you should definitely stream FCR bands, but let’s not stray from the true prize here).

At the risk of sounding like an old codger polishing his war medals on the front porch yelling at children, there used to be a time where going to a record store would be the highlight of your week. And no, it’s not lost on me that shopping for vinyl in person has become hip again. But now we have this wonderful thing called “technology” that you can use to order those products online instead of showering and getting dressed to go out in public for more than just Wendy’s. Regardless, music should be something you can hold…like, in your hands.

Don’t you want to feel the rush of getting a package delivered and tearing through the cardboard to find that hidden gem of a cassette or vinyl? Don’t you want to admire the handcrafted artwork and meticulously worded inserts? Don’t you want to pop that bad boy into your Sony Walkman or U-Turn Orbit Custom and hear those warm, nostalgic emo sounds rush over you like a cool Summer breeze?

Then you need to check out Friend Club Records. A one of a kind, DIY record label run by Rob,Jamie, and Rhys churning out emo bangers-as the kids would say-and providing you the aforementioned experience on a regular basis.

Don’t settle for passive listening. Be active.

(text by Taylin Wills from Least)

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