Sheridan Woika

Sheridan is a 6'1" beefcake with big warehouse-harsh-noise-set-energy who channels it into some surprisingly subtle and poetic songwriting. From his beginning as a homeless street performer, his passion for activism and art has never faded. He is loved and respected in Pittsburgh's music scene and is the director of a charity called Helpin' Aht which aims to bring music into everyone's lives by giving free instruments and gear to the community.

Sheridan's songwriting is bold, unique, and fearless, taking influence from neoclassical, bluegrass, electronic, art rock, and alternative country. Densely poetic lyrics playfully dance around piano, trombones, trumpets, clarinets, violins, accordions, dulcimers, banjos, abstract electronics, primal screams, and pulsing noise. It's Sheridan Woika, baby.

After the release of his first homemade EP "Sympathizer" in 2016, Sheridan signed with NDE Records for a homemade full-length follow-up, "Sit and Wait", later that year. Afterward, he spent the next few years traveling around, playing shows, and planning his first studio album, releasing some more lo-fi music along the way. Finally, in 2020, his long-awaited studio album "Rabbits" was released on Autumn Sounds, quickly becoming his most-streamed release ever. His second studio album, "Arcana Continua", takes a softer, mystical approach and it just came out on Halloween 2021 via Oasis Ltd and Friend Club Records, on cassette and Game Boy Advance cartridge (yes, really).

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