SAND Co. "Forever Laying Down"

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SAND Co. "Forever Laying Down"

SAND Co. is a Berlin-based collective led by Ben Sandrock. They've lovingly crafted a tribute to Americana as viewed from across the Atlantic."Forever Laying Down" is influenced by the great emo-folk of the American midwest (Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, and Owen) and intoned with the flavors of Europe (Favez, Surrounded). This album is delicate and warmly crafted; shaped around Ben's hushed vocals. Bringing together multiple veterans from the German music scene, SAND Co. breaks the mechanical mold with artistic creativity.

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Edition Information:
Edition 1: 25 Cream Tapes (Sold Out)
Edition 2: 25 Pink Tapes

Track Listing:
1. I'm Not Sure
2. Darkness So Blue
3. Love Song
4. My Mothers' Mother
5. Snow Wind
6. Mirrored Eyes
7. Verses From A Hospital
8. Prague

Released: June 19, 2020

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