FCR004 The Bell & The Hammer "To Set Things Right"

  • FCR004 The Bell & The Hammer

FCR004 The Bell & The Hammer "To Set Things Right"

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Prior to starting Midwest Emoposting and co-founding this label, Daniel Johnson and his wife Serenity started a band called The Bell & The Hammer. Drawing their name from C.S. Lewis' "The Magician's Nephew", The Bell & The Hammer continue in his wonderful writing tradition to put a voice to allegory and tales of truth weaving faith and life together. Musically, they combine hushed guitars, swooning clarinet, and beautiful sweet vocals. Written while the Johnsons were preparing to move overseas for the first time, this album deals with hard issues in a relatable way. Originally released on CD only, but long out of print, Friend Club Records is excited to present this classic in a new form factor for the first time.

Edition Information:
Edition 1: 100 CDs (out of print)
Edition 2: 25 Green Tapes

Track Listing:
1. The After
2. Quiet (A Quiet Life in the Order of Saint Benedict)
3. Here It Is
4. Coming Soon
5. Oh, Forgotten
6. Reading You To Sleep
7. When You Die (A Love Song)
8. Chapter 5, Fallen Warrior
9. How Can I Give You Up
10. How It Ends
11. Recovery
12. Song About Pain

Originally Released: Feb 23, 2010

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