FCR008 You Could Be A Cop "Collected Discography"

  • FCR008 You Could Be A Cop

FCR008 You Could Be A Cop "Collected Discography"

Combining recently released singles, the band's acclaimed self-titled EP, and previously unreleased demos, "Collected" is the works of Morten and Marius (along with Natalie on their EP) compiled together in one place for the first time along with the brand new track "Untitled". You Could Be A Cop made music that walked the fine line between 90's emo and post-rock almost perfectly. From the chime and hum rock of "The Roof Of Your Room" to the sprawling "Does Everyone Dream" to the britpunk-influenced "Alphabet Wrestling Championship" You Could Be A Cop explored every angle of the post-punk world in a brief but wonderful discography.

Track Listing:
1. Against The Bleeding Skyline
2. The Cakes Are Burnt
3. Still The Same
4. Does Everybody Dream
5. Untitled
6. The Things We Could Be
7. Sequin Lights
8. Hard To Forget
9. The Roof Of Your Room
10. Yr Nt Fxng It
11. Alphabet Wrestling Championship
12. And There Is Nothing Romantic About It

Released: September 11, 2020

Pressing Information

Edition Information:
Edition 1: 50 Burgundy Tapes
Edition 2: 30 Yellow Tapes
Edition 3: 50 Silver Tapes

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