FCR014 Paul Yoon "About Time"

  • FCR014 Paul Yoon
  • FCR014 Paul Yoon

FCR014 Paul Yoon "About Time"

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To craft a song is a wonderful thing. To capture the intricacies of the full spectrum of human emotion in musical form is a whole other experience. It is few and far between you possess the skill and nuance to do this. Paul Yoon is one of these special people. Melding acoustic guitars together with lap steel and tasteful percussion, "About Time" draws you into a comforting embrace only to devastate your emotions and leave you at your most vulnerable. Fans of Dashboard Confessional, OneLineDrawing and Conor Oberst will find a new love in Paul Yoon.

Edition Information:
First Edition: 50 Yellow Cassettes

1. Old Calendar
2. Ready To Be Torn Apart
3. New Year Song
4. Please Be My Baby
5. Depression
6. Losing My Mind
7. Better Man
8. Over You
9. HBD, Dear Mia
10. Fool
11. Leaving You Behind

Releases: October 16, 2020

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