Я *SOLD OUT* Tag Day "end.summer"

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  • Я *SOLD OUT* Tag Day

Я *SOLD OUT* Tag Day "end.summer"

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1. song for the black hole
2. rose
3. tin foil crown
4. fossil fuels
5. golden town
6. the stranger
7. losing paradise
8. this song is about how awfully shit life is
9. jezebel
10. cut
11. be you
12. bloodsucker
13. i'm not myself and i haven't been for some time now
14. scumbag
15. forever was like, four months for you, huh?
16. earthworm
17. toast
18. i'm a boring piece of shit
19. end.

First Edition: 30 Black Cassettes

Released Digitally: September 19, 2020
Released Physically: January, 2021

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