FCR025 Least "Folding My Hands, Accepting Defeat"

  • FCR025 Least
  • FCR025 Least

FCR025 Least "Folding My Hands, Accepting Defeat"

Least is the solo (for now) indie/emo project of Taylin Wills (formerly of Migrate). It was started in early 2019 as a La Dispute-esque side project in Boca Raton, Florida to pass the time and release fun ideas. Soon enough, it blossomed into something more relaxed and modern, combining sounds similar to bands like Tigers Jaw, Gleemer, and Balance & Composure. Now with the vinyl release of the bands debut EP and first five collected singles Friend Club Records is pleased to showcase how this band has grown into an emo-pop-punk wonder showcasing Taylin's songwriting and deeply personal lyrics.

"Folding My Hands, Accepting Defeat is about finally giving into my gender dysphoria. It’s about my darkest moments as a trans person stuck in the closet, but also the revelation of figuring out that it’s possible to move forward and live a fulfilling life." - Taylin Willis


Vinyl Track List:
Side A: Folding My Hands, Accepting Defeat
1. Window Dressing
2. Evelyn Anxiety
3. Tidal Wave Surgery
4. I’m Your Therapist Now
Side B: Collected Singles 2019-2021
5. Another Living Room
6. Playing House
7. Reds
8. Simple Dress
9. Sleep Stress

April 23, 2021

Records ship in a whiplash mailer.

Pressing Information

First Edition: 50 burgundy tapes
Second Edition: 50 clear tapes
Third Edition: 200 Ruby Red LPs

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