FCR034 Älägator "Unen Syvyydessä"

  • FCR034 Älägator
  • FCR034 Älägator

FCR034 Älägator "Unen Syvyydessä"

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Tapes expected to ship in late August 2021

In a world full of European bands that sing in English, New York City’s Älägator flips the script, writing Finnish-language tunes for polite but confused American audiences. Formed in 2016 in Edinburgh, UK by Jemina Amunet and Nate Wagner, Älägator have honed their 90s-influenced slowcore sound across various locations in Finland and the continental US in the intervening years. With the help of Andrew Scott (bass, synth, mixing/mastering) and Adam Fenton (drums), Älägator is proud to present their debut EP Unen Syvyydessä (“In the Depths of a Dream”) this coming August.

1. Haluan Herätä
2. Mennyt Lapsuus
3. Kuutamo Yö
4. Pako-Ovi
5. Lähemmäs
6. Ei Tarvinnut Kuin Katso (Cassette Exclusive)

Edition Information:
Edition 1: 50 transparent red tapes


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