Я *SOLD OUT* Showbread "Showbread Is Showdead"

  • Я *SOLD OUT* Showbread

Я *SOLD OUT* Showbread "Showbread Is Showdead"

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Created for Furnace Fest 2021

1 I am Horrible At Processing Rejection
2 January 3, 1889: Nietzsche Witnesses The Flogging Of A Horse
3 Why Shouldn’t We Kill Ourselves?
4 Harry Harlow And The Monkeys Of Despair
5 Raw Rock Theology
6 My Shadow Is A Bat
7 Dear John Piper (Stillbirth In Space)
8 Legacy Of Skubalon
9 Nine Weeks, Four Days: The Fetus Develops Teeth
10 Showbread Is Showdead
11 Life After Life After Death


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