FCR050 Emery "Rub Some Dirt On It"

  • FCR050 Emery

FCR050 Emery "Rub Some Dirt On It"

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Unfortunately, we ran into some delays. Should have tapes by the end of January now.

Legends Emery returns with their ninth full-length album "Rub Some Dirt On It". Recorded live in the studio, this album captures the passion and energy of this amazing band. We're pleased to be able to offer 50 black tapes available through us, while 50 red tapes will be available direct from the band.

1. You Stole God From Me
2. Concussion
3. Enemy
4. You Said Enough
5. Wizard
6. Lovely Lady
7. I Don't Know You At All
8. Don't Waste Your Breath
9. Daniel, I'm Not Going To Make It Go Ahead Without Me
10. Be Cool
11. Stranger

Releases November 23, 2021


Pressing Information

50 Red Cassettes (Band Exclusive)
50 Black Cassettes (FCR Exclusive)

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