Blanket Fort / buggin / Sam Nazz / Stand & Wave "All Ball"

  • Blanket Fort / buggin / Sam Nazz / Stand & Wave

Blanket Fort / buggin / Sam Nazz / Stand & Wave "All Ball"

Ships by 12/31/21

Split releases are a fun animal to try to get your head around. On one hand, you have the work from multiple artists colliding together to create something beautiful together. On the other hand, you have multiple different artists' work smashed together on one release. A four-way split takes this collision even further.

In mid-2021 four friends decided to work together to put out a split as a tribute to Koko's kitten "All Ball". Releasing via Friend Club Records & Knifepunch Records on December 3, 2021 "All Ball" combines Blanket Fort, buggin, Sam Nazz, and Stand & Wave's songs together in a way that creates synergy from different corners of the east coast.

1. Blanket Fort "Here I Am (Back In Heaven)
2. Blanket Fort "Gosh Only Knows (Pt. 2)
3. buggin "Heron"
4. buggin "Midwestern States"
5. Sam Nazz "Jasper"
6. Sam Nazz "Amethyst"
7. Stand & Wave "Understanding"
8. Stand & Wave "Fixing"

Co-released with Knifepunch Records

Pressing Information

25 - Nat Geo Yellow (Blanket Fort)
25 - Library Gray Transparent (buggin)
25 - Powder Blue (Stand & Wave)
25 - Not Picky Purple Transparent (Sam Nazz)

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