FCR020 Common Sage "Might As Well Eat The Chicken, We Won't Be Here In The Morning" CS
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  • FCR020 Common Sage

FCR020 Common Sage "Might As Well Eat The Chicken, We Won't Be Here In The Morning" CS
$8.00 - $9.00

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"Might As Well Eat The Chicken, We Won't Be Here In The Morning" reveals a band in transition. In 2018, the band dropped the criminally underrated "Where Are You? I'm In Klamath Falls, Are You Here?", a collection of songs written by the band's frontman Julian Rosen. Common Sage followed the release with relentless touring, sharing the stage with the likes of Blis, Carpool, Stay Inside, Good Looking Friends, and No Thank You.

While Common Sage's inspired performances were solidifying the band's deserved place on the indie rock landscape, the band was self-destructing behind the scenes. As members departed in pursuit of other adventures and passions, Rosen regained control of the reigns. He wrote songs in snippets on his own, and with what was left of the band, but was still largely uncertain of Common Sage's future.

When 2020 turned New York City into a ghost town, Rosen immersed himself in Common Sage's previously unreleased songs, finding unexpected continuity and meaning in newer tracks. Together, the songs comprise Might As Well Eat The Chicken..., a six-song collection that is tense and spellbinding when woven together. The common thread -- the unbridled, unspoiled energy of a band pushing past the boundaries of musical and interpersonal comfort zones.

"Might As Well Eat The Chicken..." was initially released digitally on August 14, 2020, with plans of a physical release to follow shortly thereafter. Hiccups in the production process resulted in a faulty and abandoned cassette run. This release marks a turning point for Common Sage; the EP is given its proper due, and the band, as it exists today, can venture further into unwritten chapters of uncharted possibility.

Track Listing:
1. "part i" (Original)
2. Wraparound Background
3. "part i" (a Rearrangement)
4. Saw Daddy
5. "part i" (Continued)
6. Wet Grass

Digital Release: August 8, 2020
Cassette Release: February 4, 2021

Pressing Information

Edition Information:
First Edition: 25 White Tapes
Special Second Edition: 15 Black Tapes with Black Shells and Screen Printed O Cards
Second Edition: 25 Burgundy Tapes
Third Edition: 50 Silver Tapes
Fourth Edition: 50 Lathe Cut LPs

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