FCR078 Curtail "When The Sway Sets" LP

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  • FCR078 Curtail
  • FCR078 Curtail

FCR078 Curtail "When The Sway Sets" LP

Released May 13, 2022.

Akron, Ohio’s Curtail aren’t a band set in their ways. After forming in 2015, the group continues to evolve, exploring new sonic territory with each release. Curtail are veterans of the DIY-Indie/Emo community and feature Jesse Sloan (Cherry Cola Champions), Ben Hendricks (Annabel, Parting), Eric Sandt (The Ground is Lava) and Dan Corby (Bethesda). It’s the unique combination of experiences that help inform their work.

While their 2018 Skeletal Lighting debut “All Your Luck,” was described as “if Sheryl Crow wrote songs for Archers of Loaf”, upcoming release “When The Sway Sets” takes things to another dimension. The album builds on the groundwork of its grunge-pop predecessor by adding new layers of atmosphere and fuzzed-out bliss. Songs like “I.D.K.” and “Through The Gleam” burst with distorted fury, while “Into The Particle” and “Other Plane” draw elements from dream pop and shoegaze. It’s a sound that would make bands like Hum, Smashing Pumpkins, and Jimmy Eat World proud. Classic while current. Stadium rock for 2022.

According to Sloan, “The Sway is a struggle. It represents the forces in life that you have to choose to adjust to or align with, whether it be internal or external. The Sway is something we all have to take on in our own way. That’s kind of a theme throughout the record”. Out May 13 on Friend Club Records, The Sway has been set.

1. All Along
2. Under Daisies
3. Revelry
4. I.D.K.
5. Hiya
6. Blue Violet
7. Into The Particle
8. Hard To Breathe
9. Porches
10. Other Plane
11. Through The Gleam
12. Sway

Pressing Information

100 Orange Galaxy
100 Whirlpool

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