FCR097 Mt Oriander "Then The Lightness Leaves And I Become Heavy Again" CS

  • FCR097 Mt Oriander

FCR097 Mt Oriander "Then The Lightness Leaves And I Become Heavy Again" CS

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Released in partnership with Count Your Lucky Stars

For us, Friend Club has always been about friendships more than anything else. Starting this out, there were a handful of friends who came alongside us and provided invaluable advice. One of those was Keith Latinen. For those who don't know, Keith and his wife Cathy had this very important musical project called Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate). He also has this amazing LP that he released under the band Anna Flyaway. Oh, and he also runs Count Your Lucky Stars Records (one of the most important labels ever IMHO).

After a period of musical silence, Keith returned in 2021 with two amazing EPs. One from his new band Parting that rocks and a second from his "solo project" Mt Oriander that was just classic Keith. A month ago, Keith came to us and asked us if we might want to do cassettes for the new Mt Oriander LP. Honestly, we agreed before we'd ever even heard it and we were right to do so.

This is the sound that you expect from Keith. Twinkly guitars all over the place. Horn accompaniment. Keith's voice lilting over the top of everything with all the passion in the world. Latinen plays guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, and sings, but is joined by a large cast of friends who lent their talents: Matt Hull, Brandon Lutmer, Warren Franklin, Mat Halliday, Andrew Stefano, Cathy Latinen, Colleen Dow, Ana Hughes Perez, Ben Hendricks, Brian Carley, Nick Kwas, Elliott Green, and Jacob West. The emo revival never went away.

Vinyl is available from Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

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