FCR107 Least "Sitting In The Best Light" Cassette

  • FCR107 Least

FCR107 Least "Sitting In The Best Light" Cassette

“Sitting In The Best Light” is the final EP from south Florida quintet Least. It’s a follow up to their 2021 release “Folding My Hands, Accepting Defeat”, which covers topics of uncertainty around questioning gender, navigating relationships, and transitioning as a trans person. This one, however, paints a picture of a person who has finally found their true self amongst all the chaos that came with starting HRT; it’s a celebration of knowing that gender is not a fixed concept, but rather something fluid and beautiful that each person experiences differently while mixing elements of post hardcore, emo, and pop punk for the instrumentals. “Sitting In The Best Light” is now available everywhere you stream music via Friend Club Records.

Limited to 50 tapes. One time pressing.

1. Power Blazer
2. Sitting In The Best Light
3. Alexandrite & Pearl
4. Glamazon Drone
5. Yearling

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Limited to 50 Cassettes

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